We were amazed when we saw the new advertisement that Can Yaman is filming in Italy. Look the photos.

Today we have been able to see Can Yaman upload this image in his stories:

- advertisement -

In it, the Turkish actor tells us to “stay tuned” while Can can be seen on the camera screen, caressing a Mercedes-Benz sports car on a chroma key. The ad is being shot in Italy and as the actor himself progresses, he will continue to give more clues on his Instagram account.

Everyone knows Can Yaman’s fondness for high-end cars. On countless occasions we have been able to see him at the wheel of a Ferrari, Porsche or BMW, but this is the first time that we are going to see the Turkish actor at the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz.

We do not really know which Mercedes Benz model Can Yaman is going to lend its image to, but we venture to think from the little that is seen on the screen that the model could be an EQE, a very exclusive and very expensive electric sports saloon, since it can cost €105,425 in its most expensive model.

And if there is something that makes us happy about this news, it has been discovering that Can Yaman, in addition to being handsome and a good actor, is committed to the environment since he is going to promote a zero emission car. If he has it all…


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