Once again, the protagonist of ‘Violeta as the sea’ became the main claim of an important event in Italy. In the middle of a sea of fans, Can Yaman made a whole statement of love that did not leave any of those present indifferent.

Yesterday, in the context of the BCT (Nazionale Festival of Cinema and Della Televisione di Beenvento), Can Yaman filled the Piazza di Rome, where thousands of fans of the actor congregated. In the BCT, it will receive Two awards : one for its trajectory and another for its social commitment to the break the wall and its foundation, which deals with the problems of adolescents and young people. In the midst of the tumult, Can Yaman relaxed at the questions of the journalist and made a declaration of love that made screaming, sighing and shouting at her fans.

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The statements made by Can Yaman disturbed fans from their country

Together with Can, an important organizational machine and merchandising machine moves, since to follow Collecting funds its perfume and its book are for sale, To me also seems strange to me, edited by Mondadori in November 2021 but that due to the pandemic was presented by him very recently.

fans de can yaman escuchando su declaración de amor a Italia, país en el que reside, durante la entrevista

On stage, The journalist Martina Riva submitted him to a battery of questions that, at times, it was hard to understand, given that the actor’s fans pulled his name (and dedicated some that Another piropus raised. Can, which appeared with a very relaxed look (open shirt and pajamas pants), also relaxed in his talk. So much, that he left several phrases for memory but, above all, a statement of sincere love that (there is always a bad side) Left many fans injuries.

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“Amo Italia”, confessed in front of the microphone. “There are much less chaos than in Turkey and I recognize myself in the mentality of its people,” added. We suspect that these phrases have been pupils to their Turkish followers, who already carried with some penalty the fact that they decided to leave their country. After his interview, it was, as we have told you, awarded you, both for his career and what he does since its foundation. Well, if you like Italy, Spain is very similar, but a little better. Do not think about it.

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