Can Yaman has exploded … and we understand it. And we apologize in advance, because his anger has to do with his love life. He has made public a statement in which he refers to Diletta Leotta, today happy with Loris Karius. Very hard words.

The Turkish actor, who is on horseback (never better) between his break the wall and the filming of Sandokán, can no longer. Can Yaman has broken out against the media. has taken the opportunity to talk about Diletta Leotta as his great love. This has been everything and these have been his statements, in which he takes the opportunity to address his fans.

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Para el actor, sus fans son su verdadero y mejor apoyo.

Can Yaman has exploded, fed up with love relationships

Is one of the public characters with the greatest exhibition. That’s clear. In fact, life is spent hanging from you in networks, next to the fans or alone. But it is also true that his fans are eager to find love. He did it next to Diletta Leotta and with Demet Özdemir, and we cannot overcome either of these two stories, the truth.

Diletta y Can. Eran otros tiempos…

As you will remember, a few days ago we echoed what several Italian media confirmed, both in the press and television: Can would be seeing Giorgina Colombo, Who in turn took advantage of the popularity of popularity to upload followers on Instagram, incidentally.

A Can le duele más el orgullo de lo que se publica sobre él que las heridas “de guerra”.

A very hard, but very affectionate text with its fans

Well, as Camilo Sesto would say, Can Yaman can no longer and has exploded by publishing this very hard text:

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“You are really ridiculous with all these girlfriends invented as crazy, but it is not true. Never have been. When I really had a really struggled to ruin it by bombarding everyone with theories that it was false. They are real and you want to believe they are.

Bah. I assure you, if I had a serious relationship I would have told you. If you want to give some visibility to some people, go ahead, but I have nothing to do with that … try to see all the beautiful things that I have been doing lately, not these nonsense. It is good that my fans have already learned not to believe anything unless I verify it, and that they do not care. I thank you. ”

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