Can Yaman has broken with Türkiye without remedy. The actor who owes everything to the country of origin is unmarked from his own with a gesture that he has not liked precisely to his national fandom.

Turkey is divided with respect to the latest movements of the protagonist of Dream bird. On the one hand, the pride that many feel that their great interpreter has managed to make a career beyond the borders of their country, but many other Believe that Can Yaman has broken with Turkey and They forgive him.

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Can Yaman has broken with its roots (or the Turks feel it)

Is rare the time he posts in Turkish; In fact, it is usual for him to do it in Italian. This is just a sign of what in Turkey has already become a rather beast movement against him. They do not want his country back and There is a lot of resentment towards the actor.

His act in Rome within the break the wall tour has raised ampoules in the same sense that indicates the tweet: Why is Can help Italian children and not Turks? his account of his dedicated to this purpose and the officer posted, in the thread of the meeting in Rome: “The invitation is mainly aimed at young people, protagonists of the Tour Break The Wall: they are our future. Together for a different world and listening, where the possibility of a better life also depends on our efforts. ” And here is part of the entire Hate poured towards the interpreter.

The Italian Interior Minister was with him

The Interior Minister recalled the importance of donating to help young people with problems, object of the actor’s foundation. But What happens to Turkish kids who are also suffering the consequences of an devastating earthquake? Isn’t there time for them?

Captura de un post de Can Yaman en Instagram en el que agradece a las autoridades su evento en Roma
El fandom turco (y mucho de fuera de Turquía) no perdona que Can Yaman se haya volcado con los niños y adolescentes italianos y olvide sus propias raíces.

Can Yaman’s defenders Justify saying that he turned to this catastrophe, but his detractors warn: All adolescents from all countries suffer from mental health problems aggravated by pandemic. To top it off, those of Türkiye have gone through a traumatic situation. Can Yaman seems to be digging his own grave … What will he do to recover his prestige in the place that gave his life?

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