After the scare that he hit us a few days ago, Can Yaman has returned to the road and this time he has given us some tender words to his fans in Spain. This was the most emotional moment and this was lived, the woman who could see, kiss and touch one of the most handsome men on the planet.

If you display the map of Italy, you will remember that it is like a boot. Well, Polignano, the last corner until the date of the break the wall, is exactly where the heel begins on its outside. Until there they moved, as always, Lots of Can Yaman fans, which had a special dedication here for their fans of Spain.

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The Momentazo of Can Yaman with his fans from Spain

Apparently, the day did not accompany precisely, which did not prevent the followers of the Turk from approaching and sharing with him some unique moments. “Despite the time trying to put ourselves in a difficult situation, None of you and none of us took a step back … and everything was wonderful: Thank you, Polignano! Next time, everyone, ”he said on his social networks.

But among the many people who moved there was Ester, a Spanish fan who did not think twice and wanted his moment with Can. There he planted, with his flag:

Tú sabes que ahora mismo te envidia media España y parte de la otra media, ¿verdad, Ester?

“For Esther and for all Spanish. I love you. Can Yaman ”: That is the message that has immortalized on the Ester flag, that I already tell you that he will not take the balcony so that the ink is not erased.

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An emotional encounter

The meeting in Polignano, just after the scare of Puglia, took place in Terrazze Monachile, a local restaurant. The Bad weather made fans and the actor have to be covered under the umbrellas (in case of Can, on a balcony). From there he was able to contemplate what had been mounted: his fans received him singing and raising all kinds of banners and images to honor his idol.

And then the time of firms came: photos, flags, jackets and even a plaster arm were the Canvases in which he stamped his name. by the way, the flag of Turkey was not lacking, which reminded the actor that yes, that there are still thousands and thousands of followers who worship him.

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