As a human who can no longer, Can Yaman explies against fans who criticize him wildly. We tell you.

After the earthquake that occurred on February 6 in the south of Turkey and part of Syria, Can Yaman was missing for four days. Something that missed everyone and did not like anything from his fans and detractors that Dedicated themselves to throwing ‘hate’ on social networks because of their lack of communication during the critical days of the disaster.

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We do not know the reasons or reasons that led Can Yaman to be so hermetic for two days, but we can imagine that it was In full filming of the end of ‘El Turco’ the series that is filmed In Hungary for Disney+ and that will suppose neither more nor less than the biggest springboard for the actor of ‘Erkenci Kus’ or ‘Dreamy bird’.

Of course, after the first two days of Catastrophe Can Yaman appeared. First with an economic donation of 25000 Turkish lira (about 12000 euros) and then with a campaign sponsored by its association ‘Can Yaman for Children’ of collection of donations for those affected by the earthquake. Can Yaman published a post anchored on his Instagram wall and it was there when the torture for the actor we first saw Losing the papers exploding against the fans that criticized him for his disaster management for the first time.

Can Yaman explies against fans that criticize him

Believe us, we don’t like having to tell Something as ugly passing in the life of the Turkish actor, but there it goes.

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This was Can Yaman’s post:

And in him, Can Yaman made this statement in three languages, Turkish, English and Italian. Here we leave you the Spanish translation:

“There are no adequate words in such a bleak situation, but we feel that it is our duty to prepare and participate in this initiative to help all those in need.

Turkey has recently suffered an earthquake of magnitude 7.8, the most devastating natural catastrophe in its history, and its population is currently going through an overwhelming situation. Here we ask your support.

Can Yaman For Children will donate the benefits of fundraising to Ahbap to participate in a concrete and supportive manner and offer important help to the people affected by this tragedy.

Click on the bio link for more information and make a concrete contribution

Thank you with all my heart, from Can Yaman and the team. ”

Well, it seems that this way of sincere from Can Yaman Has not liked some who have dedicated themselves to saying things as ugly as these.

First Can Yaman Tone Departure

In the message you can read as a user asks Can Yaman why the message is not in Turk, to which Can Yaman himself outside his boxes answers: “For the love of God, The campaign is for those who are abroad… ”

Second Can Yaman tone outlet

In this other response from Can Yaman, a user asks if it seems normal that it has taken 4 days to react, to what can Yaman, sparking for the eyes, replies: “ Stop your affairs, ma’am. ”

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But be careful, not everything is criticism of Can Yaman, there are also A part of his fandom that supports him and understands that it is not always easy to coordinate professional life with the staff especially if you find yourself In Hungary, so many kilometers from your home:

For all those who criticize the actor, it is necessary that they know that Can Yaman will be at a gala organized by Disney+ and that will be broadcast live this Sunday with his former partner in ‘Erkenci Kus’, Demet Özdemir and Cansu Dere, Actress to which everyone disappeared in the earthquake but that we hope to see with the two actors. The link to see the gala here.

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