If you walk for Italy and Sales at night, be careful because Can Yaman ‘El Turco’ is unleashed and with a desire for crazy march. Look at it.

Can Yaman is already on vacation, after hard months of filming of ‘El Turco’ , a blockbuster for Disney+ that has led him to spend a long season in Budapest. And it shows that as soon as Can Yaman has had a few days on vacation, has shot Italy , which can be considered as his second homeland, to be with his friends and of course, burn the night and go out to give everything.

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And it deserves it because has not stopped working for a second . Just before ‘El Turco’, he premiered ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ the series he played with the model and actress Francesca Chillemi and that has been a success such, that he already has signed the second season that will be shot After ending ‘the Turk’. With such an agenda, it is not surprising that can yaman until you have to close your social networks for a season to concentrate on a filming that demanded 200% of its concentration.

Can Yaman’s fandom, of course, was scared, but Can Yaman reappeared next to a statement that made clear the pressure to which the actor was subjected:

“To clarify right away: it is not true that it is sad or that it hurts my leg, and this and that, or blah, blah blah. Professionally it was a particular period of my life, which required maximum concentration, self -discipline and sacrifice. As a result, I try to live up to avoid distractions as much as possible. The filming of ‘El Turco’ is another level and is perfect. I hope to pride all those who have loved me and confident in me. ”

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can yaman ‘the Turk’ unleashed and wanting to march

So after these months of hard work, it is normal for Can Yaman to have fun and recharge the batteries to return to the filming set giving everything.

And said and done, Can Yaman has been seen in riccione that would be the equivalent of Marbella for the Spaniards, giving everything in several of its premises.

and of course, thanks to Can Yaman’s friendly personality, all the fans who wanted could make selfies with ‘El Turco’ and talk to him briefly. Can Yaman had dinner with friends at a massive table at the Balena restaurant.

After dinner, Can Yaman dedicated himself to having fun drinking a glass of whiskey, his favorite liquor between selfie and selfie of his fans who did not leave him a little peace, but eye, he Always sympathetic attended them with the best of their smiles.

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Of course, we see clearly that we miss us at that party . That must be fixed for the next one that we are sure there will be because Can Yaman is unleashed and wanting to go. Now it only remains to find him.

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