The photos of photos on the Can Yaman Instagram account begins and it is already going for more than 30. We tell you why you are deleting photos Can Yaman.

The protagonist of ‘Dreaming bird’ (‘Erkenci Kus’) seems to clean some photos on his Instagram account. Specifically have been 30 photos chosen to disappear without a trace but why is Can Yaman acting like this?

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Can Yaman deletes her Instagram photos

A couple of days ago, Can Yaman’s IG account was about to reach 800 images, but today it dawns like this.

And it is that Of 800 we have gone to 770 images. Almost 30 photos that have disappeared from their account without knowing why. Only a trained eye and that the Can Yaman wall knows can discover The pattern that meet the images that are disappearing. These have been our inquiries.

Is Can Yaman himself who is erasing the images or is it his community manager?

Initially we think that the Mass deletion of images of his Instagram account was the work of his cm, but Can Yaman has declared several times that He would not feel comfortable letting him manage his Social networks to another person and that’s why he personally takes care. Therefore we can deduce that he is, who is erasing the photos of his Instagram account.

Are Can Yaman running out of your Instagram account?

Unlikely. And we say Unlikely because Can Yaman is not one of the artists who go up to her wall. To our minds are coming others such as Kim Kardashian with almost 6000 photos , or his former partner in ‘Dreamy bird’ and ex -girlfriend Demet Özdemir with Almost 1000 photos . So taking into account that And Instagram does not limit the amount of images that you can have in your account, we discard this reason why I could be deleting photos of Ig.

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Has he angry at one of his best friends?

Looking for and looking for the reason why Can Yaman erases Instagram photos, we have found some light since we have discovered that Can Yaman has erased some photos in which he appears with his good friend Ilker Bilgi.

Will they have Angry and Can Yaman has decided to erase the trail of his photos with Ilker? Is it so serious anger?

Have you deleted photos with your former Leotta or Demeta Özdemir diletta?

We have not found the photos of Can Yaman with Demet Özdemir and his mother in the delivery of the ‘Butterfly Awards’. Why are you doing this?

And another photo of those we miss is the photo published by Can Yaman very at the beginning of the filming of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ in which we could see him next to Peppe Chillemi (the Francesca Chillemi’s brother), going around a weekend with the car.

And many others that escape us because when Can Yaman deletes photos of Instagram, he does not delete one or two, Deleted 30 and we memory do not reach us so much because between his network, the Of her friends and her stories, she no longer gives us our heads to remember all the material that has passed in front of our eyes. We only have one clear thing, Can Yaman has deleted photos of his Instagram account now that he is about to finish the filming of ‘The Turk’ and it seems that he has a little more free time again.

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And you? Do you miss any other photo of Can Yaman on the Instagram account of her ? We read you on the networks.

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