Just a few years ago, you would not have recognized Can Yaman de Jóven because it didn’t look at anything. Don’t you believe it?

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Can Yaman de joven

There were other series, but it can be said that the first phase in which Can Yaman landed in our homes was with the ‘Dolunay’ series, where Can Yaman played a young entrepreneur and Turkish actress Özge Gürel to a young cook. It was the year 2017 and this love story already began to get our attention when it arrived …

Second phase: ‘dream bird’ . This series is well known and it can be said that it is the work that catapulted Can Yaman to world success and fame. In ‘Dreaming bird’ or ‘Daydreamer’ Can Yaman worked with Demet Özdemir with which he had an adventure that although he did not last long, he placed Can on the map of the Turkish actors to have in bill.

But Can Yaman’s style Has not always been like this.

Look what Can Yaman de Jóven was. Unrecognizable.

Ferit Aslan’s papers in ‘Dolunay’ and Can Divit in ‘Dreaming bird’ gave Can Yaman Fame world since they have been issued in More than 80 countries around the world . Now Can Yaman is Claimed by series directors at the international level, for brands that require their services when advertising their products and is worshiped by Grandmothers, mothers and daughters , making it a global phenomenon.

But eye, Can Yaman until recently was Totally different to the muscular, manly and thick beard and long hair man. Can Yaman as a young man was totally different to what we know now.

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In 2014 Can Yaman was like that. Visibly Thinner , with a child’s face, without beard and with much shorter hair to what we see now. Without a doubt, Can Yaman since 2014 has matured and improved every aspect of its physiognomy to become the Great Turkish actor who has occupied our hearts. Of course, the only thing that Can Yaman has not changed is something that is the mark of the house: his smile.

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