Is about to land in our country with its new series, triumphs with its break the wall tour, with the signing of their book … but there is something that fans do not forgive Can Yaman and for what he receives strong criticism. He has answered them.

Can Yaman is one of the most beloved actors. The Turkish star has a lot of Fans who idolize him, but unfortunately there is something in him that has made him receive many criticism from his most beloved fans.

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Fans rerecate their criticism to Can Yaman to do it again

Can Yaman is used to being in the eye of the storm. Either because of their sentimental, confirmed or rumored relationships, or for their work, there is talk of it often. The actor is very dear to his fans for his role as Inspector Demir in the Violet , retakes filming.

At the moment he is still busy with his beneficial initiative, Break The Wall. The project, born in collaboration with the association of which he is co -founder, Can Yaman for Children , is helping young people from all over Italy to overcome their mental health problems.

But there is something that their fans, however, cannot digest: a vice that the actor fails to leave behind. Despite following a very balanced diet and training very hard every day, Can is a Inveterate smoker. Often:

Although he had already suffered the pressure and criticism of the Haters, who reproached him not to give good example, He did again. Yaman has shared a photo in which he smokes a haban.

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“Good Sunday to all. Let us always remember fun ”, wrote in one of his last post. It goes without saying that fans and no fans were primed.

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