We could not believe the absolute silence of Can Yaman with respect to the earthquake that has devastated his country, until we have achieved this test. We tell you.

We know that Can Yaman is involved in the final stretch of the filming of his series for Disney+ ‘The Turk’ and that we have to meet deadlines, we also learned yesterday that Can Yaman is helping his father with a serious addition problem, But none of this removes that the ‘dreamer bird’ actor cannot dedicate a few words of support to his homeland.

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Can Yaman podría estar camino a Turquía

This fact has not gone unnoticed by their fans who do not understand their behavior although Justify it and by their detractors, who take advantage of Throw ‘hate’ for their lack of sensitivity. Strong>

To us Everything seems very strange to us and we are 100% sure that although we do not see it, Can is very sad and affected for what is happening in its country.

We have been able to see how Kerem Bürsin asked for help from Spain and we have even been amazed with Burak Deniz that has decided to leave everything and sign up as a volunteer on the ground to give a hand as one more. Do you think that Can Yaman will not be fully involved with this tragedy?

The hope that Can Yaman is uploaded to this plane.

A few moments ago one of Can Yaman’s friends, Umut Duygu of the Bujin Gymnasium, one of the Preferred by Can and Kerem Bürsin , posted this image.

In the image, Can Yaman’s friend said: “We are in a mission of help to the disaster area. I hope we can be of some utility… ”

And although we have increased to all who were climbing the ladder of the plane in search of Can Yaman, We have not been able to see it.

On Twitter this detail has not gone unnoticed and a few moments ago the tweet @Candemvicky wrote this about the capture of Dumut Duygu

“For haters who do not believe that our Can Yaman is helping their homeland, here is your test! Umut Duygu has posted on Instagram: “We are going to help the disaster area” Do you really think Can Yaman is not on board to go with his friends to help? ” and accompanied his message with the Emoji of an angry face.

Anyway, this is only A small light to cling since since the disaster occurred, Can Yaman is missing and without pronouncing on what is happening in your country.

We want to believe that Is helping without telling anyone , but every hour that passes, We find it more to believe it and we would kill to know that Can Yaman is uploaded to that plane bound for Turkey.

Help addresses from Spain:

  • Embajada de Turquía en Madrid (C/ Rafael Calvo, 18, 2 A-B 28010 Madrid) +34 913103904
  • Hard Rock Hotel Madrid (Ronda de Atocha 17, 28012, Madrid. Al lado de la puerta principal) +34 915308000
  • THY Madrid Deposito (Centro de carga aerea Madrid-Barajas. Parcela 2.4 Nave 7. 28042. Madrid. De 9:30 a 17:00 horas

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