Disney+ Turkey is preparing one of the greatest economic and actors among which are Can Yaman, Demet Özdemir and Cansu Dere to raise funds. We tell you.

The Disney+ streaming platform is displacing to the zero zone of the earthquake accompanied by the best known faces to make the greatest collection of funds and donation ever made in a natural catastrophe.

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Disney+ will join the FOX channel to perform a joint gala that will provide Aid estimated at 1 million dollars for those affected by the Turkey earthquake.

Can Yaman en la gala Disney

Who will participate in the Disney+ gala to collect funds for the Turkey earthquake?

As reported by the journalist Birsen Altuntas, the Can yaman actors will attend the gala, her former partner in ‘Dreamy bird’ (‘Erkenci Kus’) Demet Özdemir, The actor and singer Halit ergenç (‘Binbir Gece’), Y— Erdoğan (‘Bir Demet Tiyatro’), the comedian ŞAhan Gökbakar or the Monologuista and musician Atmirer . Together with all of them, it should be noted that the participation of Tent Participate in the gala.

Şahan Gökbakar es uno de los cómicos más famosos de Turquía que ayudará con la recogida de fondos en la gala de Disney+ Foto: Agencias.
Cansu Dere acudirá para presentar la gala junto a Can Yaman y Demet Özdemir. Foto: Instagram.
El respetado actor y cantante turco Halit Ergenç también acudirá a la gala. Foto: IMDB
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