Can Yaman tells us that ‘El Turco’ reaches the end of its filming in this curious way. Look at it

The end of the filming of ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman is here. They have been Months of cold , loneliness, Injuries but above all of a lot of work and much learning.

A physical work that has made Can Yaman obtain an insurmountable result when interpreting ‘El Turco’ Balabán, the new series that Disney+ produces in Budapest, leaving his home for so many months and that he has still deserved the pain.

Can Yaman Has fight achieved Carry out with note after all these months.

The end of the filming of ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman

Yesterday we showed you the entire list of international actors who were going to accompany Can Yaman in the series. A set of First -level companions who will undoubted Last works interpreted to date. This is an international Production at the highest level that prepares the way for the Turkish actor.

That is why we cannot prevent us from falling A tear when this morning when we wake up we have discovered that Can Yaman is announcing the end of the filming of ‘The Turk’ so.

Can Yaman announces the end of the filming of ‘El Turco’ that as planned would be in the month of March and has been without deviating from the plans. Of course, Can Yaman also announces that There is a lot It can still take months until it ends. If you ask us a date, we would tell you without fear of being wrong, that ‘El Turco’ could be prepared for its premiere after summer 2023. for dreaming …

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