Both Can Yaman and Kerem Bürsin were vetoed yesterday of the Telemarathon of fund collection for those affected by the Turkey earthquake. Why?

Yesterday the #Tuerkiyetekyuerek telemarathon was held in which the main Turkish actors helped raise funds collecting the calls that wanted to provide donations for the earthquake, but Were neither Can Yaman nor Kerem Bürsin . Two great actors who are undoubtedly very important for all spectators and whose absence Did not go unnoticed to anyone , but Why can Yaman and Kerem Bürsin have been vetoed from the tweets Strong>

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Can Yaman y Kerem Bürsin vetados

Can Yaman is the Top 1 in terms of Turkish actors, . From Turkey he jumped to Italy where Has installed his place of permanent residence , something that seems that Have not forgiven in Turkey as we could see in the presentation of Disney+ where The Graphic journalists booed him on the middle of the red carpet. Could this be one of the causes they have vetoed to Can Yaman del Telemarathon #Tuerkiyetekyuerek? It could be, although to tell the truth, Can Yaman has helped with a large personal donation and a campaign to collect funds with its association ‘Can Yaman for Children’ that has managed to raise at the time 76,494 € , made by which We do not understand that they have not called Can Yaman to help with their presence on telemarathon.

Another of the reasons why Can Yaman has not appeared on Telemarathon could have been the filming of his series ‘El Turco’ that is ending in Hungary. Can Yaman is shooting the latest scenes to get to the chain planning and end in February. Is it possible that this has been the reason for the absence of Can Yaman yesterday? Well, we don’t know it either, but if Can Yaman had wanted >

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Why have they vetoed Kerem Bürsin of the telemarathon #Tuerkiyetekyuerek?

This is another mysteries. Kerem is an actor who got worldwide fame with ‘Love is in the air’ and who is half a Turkish half. Kerem Bürsin is another committed actor who from day one was leaking a hand as another volunteer in the help centers and even organized a donation collection on his Instagram account so we could not understand why he has been vetoed from Telemarathon #Tuerkiyetekyuerek.

The point is that during the telemarathon, Neither can yaman nor kerem bürsin and still We do not understand the reason as well as their followers on Twitter, They qualify the organizers of the “scoundrel” gala

At the moment the telemarathon #Tuerkiyetekyuerek has already managed to raise more than 4 and a half million euros, an amount that would undoubtedly have surpassed by having appeared in him Can Yaman and Kerem Bürsin. Of course, Hande Erçel, Burak Deniz, Demet Özdemir, Serenay Sarikaya and the rest of the soap opera actors did the best they could for Get the greatest amount of money to help. Good for them.

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