The argument of ‘Viola Come Il Mare 2’ will focus on the story of the character that Can Yaman, inspector Francesco Demir Buaccio.

Lux vide, the producer of ‘Viola eats il mare’ before the success of the first season of the Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi series, it has not taken long to announce that The second part was already on its way. Good audiences and rumors of a real -life relationship between Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi have triggered the popularity of the series that was Followed by millions of Italians in their first season. P>

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The script of ‘Viola Come Il Mare 2’ is already prepared.

The second part of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ will face The past of inspector Francesco Demir and His secrets more hidden.

argumento de 'viola come il mare 2'

According to an interview conducted by the site to ‘Viola Come Il Mare’, Elena Buaccio , Francesco Demir will be the Indisputable protagonist of this second Part.

During the first season, it was the events of Viola’s past played by Francesca Chillemi who sent on the argument, but as Elena Buaccio has told , now it will be the Tormented past of Francesco Demir who will master the center of the plot.

Francesco Demir has to face his past to find love with Viola.

The Accumulated sexual tension during the first season of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ made sparks jump between the characters played by Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi. A sexual tension that Was not resolved at all and that will now be in the second part when we see as Francesco and Viola, prepare to live a Passionate love and without barriers. Strong>

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In short, as Francesco Demir manages to open and solve the mysteries of his past, Viola will have a free way to occupy A place in his heart . Sounds good.

When does the filming of the second part of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ begin?

Until Can Yaman does not end the filming of ‘El Turco’ the Disney+ series that is being filmed in Budapest cannot talk about the beginning of the filming of ‘Viola’. In fact, the end of the filming is scheduled for End of March , which will be when Can Yaman returns to Italy to start the filming of the second part of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ for Mediaset. Will we see Can Yaman starring Scandals like this one that joined Francesca Chillemi according to some photos published by the Italian Chi magazine? For that, You can only expect .

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