We are receiving information from ‘Iki Yabanci’ with droppers, but finally we have data thanks to its male protagonist. And not only that: Burak Deniz’s confession about Hande Erçel has impressed us.

Iki Yabanci is already in a chapel. We refer to filming, of course. The preparations are underway, but when do you start to shoot? How are the two actors who head the cast? About that spoke the male protagonist, who also surprised talking about his partner. of the series.

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“We are excited”

The media caught Burak in the Première of Karanlik Gece, a film starring, among others, by Pinar Deniz, which also premieres also series in Disney Plus. So The actor had a time to serve the media.

“We have begun the rehearsals and we are excited,” he told the entrance of the cinema. That means that Iki yabanci Begins to shoot sooner than later, right? TRUE? Oh, we are of the nerves.

Burak Deniz’s confession about Hande Erçel that arrives at the best time?

About her cast partner, Burak had very sweet words for her: “Hande and I know each other, so I hope this is positively reflected in the final result.” a confession That Hakan Sabanci is not going to like anything, since they have transcended rumors that the idea that his girl is burak again is cool. As you will remember, they were already a couple in fiction in Hayat, love without words.

Iki Yabanci Tells the story between Leyla, a prosecutor, and Kenan, a man with a psychic disorder, who know each other as a result of a series of murders. It remains to be seen if the clues point to Kenan or if what will arise between them is a passionate story. Or both, eye, everything can be!

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A very hard moment for Hande and Burak

Of course, the plot is an interpretive challenge for the two interpreters, and more In this tragic moment for both of them. Hande has just lost his grandfather and Burak is immersed in a process Judicial that sooner or later will sit on the bench. Hopefully this filming serves everything to return to normal!

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