Burak Deniz is testifying before a judge for the incident that caused in September 2022 in a hotel against actress Nilperi şahinkaya and her boyfriend.

Today we have learned according to the Turkish journalist Birsen Altuntas that Burak Deniz has given a statement for the events that occurred last September in which şahinkaya, through his lawyer Nail Gönenli, presented A criminal complaint before the Attorney General’s Office against Burak Deniz . Everything happened during the Adana Film Festival where Burak Deniz quite affected by alcohol approached the hotel restaurant at the table of actress Nilperi şahinkaya Causing a fight that disturbed the peace and tranquility of the attendees . The fact that was quite sounded by the popularity of the actor was very commented by the Turkish digital ones and of course, we tell you here.

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Burak Deniz has given a statement before the judge

Burak Deniz has attended the Prosecutor’s Office with his lawyer to be Opak to give a statement for the complaint filed by Nilperi.

In his statement about what happened that night , Burak commented:

“On September 15, 2022 I was staying at the Sheraton Grand Adana hotel since I went to the Film Festival. We were next to the actors and other friends of the artistic community who attended the festival at the hotel. Nilperi şahinkaya was also there with his friends. When I saw them, I stopped to greet them . After a brief conversation, I left them and said that I would return to my table at the moment, but then I went back again. Were smiling during the conversation . And they didn’t feel that they didn’t want me to be with them in any way. Soon, I came back with them. During the conversation, I said that Was very bored at night . After chatting for a while, I left them … we joked with Nilperi, Emre and Necmi Deniz during the conversation, we were laughing and Chatting normally … In fact, when I got up from the table to leave the place they wished me a Very sincere “good night.” One of the people present at that time asked me: “Will you be here tomorrow?” At that time, Nilperi was also going to leave. I did not insult Nilperi. I suppose that if I had insulted and threatened as they say, we would not have given ourselves The good night laughing as if nothing. They said Nilperi was tired and went to his room. ”

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Burak Deniz begins to count the fight with Nilperi’s boyfriend

Burak Deniz also declared that there was a fight between Nilperi şahinkaya and Emre Yusufi with his friend Necmi Deniz: “At that time, Necmi Deniz began talking in a way that I could not understand. I think he felt uncomfortable with my arrival at the table. I was in plan, “Is there any problem? If you have a problem we can discuss it ”. I said: “You don’t have to attack me.” Suddenly he stood up and said, raising his voice: “I will show you my problem” . The tension increased in the restaurant room. I said: “Show me then, what are you waiting for? Will you overcome me? ”I said. We were nose with nose . The surrounding people also participated in the discussion. We separated us , but he and I did not hit each other in any way. Meanwhile, I think His glasses fell , but I didn’t hit Necmi Deniz in any way. I tried to separate other people at the time from the incident, it is possible that their glasses have fallen during the tumult, but I certainly did not. Then they left the place. This incident was misrepresented by the press. ”

Burak recognizes the facts but asks for acquittal

Then I was accused of humiliating Nilperi for being a woman, I made a statement on social networks. I sincerely apologized , explaining that I did not attach Nilperi and less for being a woman, and that my jokes could not have liked the time I was on the table. This statement certainly Is not the recognition of my guilt . It is a statement made by courtesy and in good faith. The complainants may have felt uncomfortable with my visit to their table at the restaurant. However, they had to have told me, but they didn’t say it … until Necmi Deniz spoke to me as I explained above after Nilperi left … I didn’t insult or threatened. I did not hit anyone, I did not harm anyone … I have not committed the crime of disturbing peace and tranquility. I do not accept the accusations filed against me and demand the nullity of the complaint and my acquittal .

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As soon as we know the resolution of the trial for sexist aggression against Burak Deniz, we will tell you in crush.news

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