Burak Deniz has broken his courtship with the model Didem I aman and only in Crush.News we know the real reason. We tell you

The success of the Netflix series ‘Shahmaran’ is such that many people have put their eye on the protagonist couple formed by Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya. Together they have shown that they form a tandem of the most solid in the Turkish series and have even got many of you even to affirm that they would also make a very good couple personally.

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Is very popular in October 2021 because of the Publication a photo of Didem with the naked torso on Instagram that Did not like the actor and because of which six months were separated.

A macho attitude by Burak which was later forgiven by Didem since they resumed their relationship (there bad Burak, very bad).

But now the thing seems More and more would

“We are fine. Relationships come and go. We continue with our normal life always with respect and love. ”

The rumor: Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya are boyfriends

After this confirmation, the rumor that Burak Deniz and his shooting partner in ‘Shamaran’ could be together, do nothing but grow and grow especially after this report in which we catch Burak very early in the morning walking on the same street where Serenay has her home, and Without clothes under the coat . An image that surprised us at the time but that Now understand after the news of the break between Burak Deniz and his girlfriend.

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Serenay Sarikaya for its part Has not made statements about a new relationship with Burak Deniz, but judging by chemistry and complicity in ‘Shahmaran’ do very but very good couple, adding to The list of actors who Have decided to continue their love stories outside the screen as Can Yaman already did with Demet Özdemir or Kerem Bürsin with Hande Erçel.

We love that love triumphs in the Turkish Dizis and we tell it.

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