We have the shocking images of Burak Deniz (‘Shahmaran’), helping in the zero zone of the Turkey earthquake. Look at it.

In the writing of Crush.news We are very surprised with these images that have just arrived since One of the most successful Turkish actors has decided to take a step more and Take a hand where it takes the most , in the Food help and collection centers that are scattered throughout the south of Turkey to help people who have stayed On the street.

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We cannot forget that Weather conditions in Turkey are very adverse in the region where the earthquake has happened , reaching Temperatures less zero degrees at night, what that makes the rescue of the survivors even harder.

Burak deniz helping as one more volunteer

The images in which you can clearly see how Burak Deniz is Leaking a hand are taken in the help collection area of the municipality of Kadıköy and in them you can see that despite the fact that although The rest of the volunteers are dressed in shelter clothes, Burak goes in a shirt and with a cap, something that denotes that the tasks of collecting and organization of the material are quite hard and after several hours of work, there is plenty The coat.

From all places in the world, the fans of the Turkish Dizis have thanked the Aid gesture of Burak Deniz, which has demonstrated once again that in addition to a first level actor, It has a huge heart and is with the disadvantaged.

Other participants in the humanitarian collection that saw Burak reacted like this:

“I would like to point out that Today I have been in the municipality of Kadikoy, Burak Deniz also came and really Ran more than anyone and this made him admire even more” .

Criticism of the rest of the actors

It has not been missing who has commented on Twitter that More gestures such as Burak Deniz are needed, which at a really necessary moment Has left everything to attend the more disadvantaged first with messages in which he collected information on services for helping victims on social networks and then Going down to the affected area to take a hand where it takes.

Many can accuse of Opportunist to Burak for what he just did, but if all the Turkish actors and actresses, with millions of followers and great impact they did the same, surely Would achieve raise awareness among other countries to accelerate aid to Turkey earthquake and that is actually what counts.

Burak, before we were fans, but now You have us at your feet.

Help addresses to those affected by the Turkey earthquake from Spain:

  • Embajada de Turquía en Madrid (C/ Rafael Calvo, 18, 2 A-B 28010 Madrid) +34 913103904
  • Hard Rock Hotel Madrid (Ronda de Atocha 17, 28012, Madrid. Al lado de la puerta principal) +34 915308000
  • THY Madrid Deposito (Centro de carga aerea Madrid-Barajas. Parcela 2.4 Nave 7. 28042. Madrid. De 9:30 a 17:00 horas
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