A few days ago the protagonist of ‘Shahmaran’ said goodbye to one of his best friends. He tries not to cry because we have not been able to.

Burak Deniz is on the crest of the wave. The Turkish actor is at its optimal time within the world of ‘dizis’ (series) and as such is sweeping all the projects in which it is involved. He has just released ‘Shahmaran’ with Serenay Sarikaya and is already one of the Most views of Netflix because Snake man .

Together with Hande Erçel, he is also a point to release the ‘̇ki yabancı’ series where Burak will play a mentally ill who suffers as a bipolar disorder, a drama that will explore his interpretive skills and that we are wishing to get to our screens.

Burak Deniz gave everything in the earthquake of Turkey

Burak surprised us all when the first appeared at a logistics center for aid organization working as a madman because everything returned to normal after the seam of force 7.8 that swept the south of Turkey and part of Syria. No doubt Burak showed that he has a Great heart and that his fame and respect is deserved.

Now Burak says goodbye to his friend

And as a climax, and to demonstrate that Is a sensitive type , Burak has just left with A knot in the throat by demonstrating that Has a Great heart and that as a sensitive person Is able to say goodbye to his cat who considers one more of the family and dedicate these moving words: “goodbye, my handsome boy” .

All who have had a pet at home, we know how much they can love them and Which hurts a loss , so we value the double message of Burak Deniz, which undoubtedly possesses that special sensitivity to judge by the rest of the photos that shows on your Instagram account.

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