We have the proof that would show that the Turkish actor of ‘Shahmaran’, Burak Deniz would be a co -stove of his partner in the Serenay Sarikaya series.

The couple of leading actors in the series ‘Shahmaran’ are on everyone’s lips for a Torrid romance that could be happening between them according to a Comment of Burak Deniz In an image of the 30 -year -old actress and model Serenay Sarikaya.

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The ex -partner of actor Kerem Bürsin is famous for his wild beauty and sometimes Something hard and transgressive that contrasts with the sweet features of the rest of the actresses of Turkish series. Burak Deniz, 31, for its part, is another of the Actors who with a hard countenance and a male beauty has in love with the Turkish women and men for getting out of the canon as a friendly protagonist.

Burak Deniz y Serenay Sarikaya estan juntos

The two are the protagonist couple of ‘Shahmaran’, the new series that is broadcast in Netflix and that thanks to a fantastic and sometimes terrifying argument and some scenes somewhat More uploads of tone than of what We are accustomed to the Turkish Dizis, it is being a worldwide success.

Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya could be dating

The suspicions that There is a relationship between these two actors come from a Burak comment to a Serenay post on Instagram in which it was clear that Serenay had a little lost little crazy.

Thus so that before the questions of the reporters to Serenay Sarikaya, the actress responded sharp and forceful: “the statement about me is not true. Please do not make statements about me when you are boring. ”

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Burak Deniz’s current couple, Didem I am In Nisantasi: “” I don’t want to talk. What they explained two is the truth. ”

Burak Deniz Pillado Infraganti

Thus the reporters were caught Burak Deniz walking down the street. With a long black coat and Without a shirt or shirt under it. Of course, Burak covered his head with a cap, it is not going to be that his ears are cold 😉

The journalists Immediately asked Burak if they were together , a fact that he denied in a resounding way: “No, we are not together.” Of all it is known that the house where Serenay is in the same street as Burak Deniz and that is why journalists asked Burak if Had passed the weekend together To which he replied: “Yes, Serenay’s house is down, but the weekend we were with a friend.”

It seems that Burak wants to uncheck all the comments that unite Serenay, but of course, This comment in one of his images was the trigger for the Turkish media to make guard at the door of your home throughout the weekend.

Burak Deniz’s comment to a photo of Serenay Sariskaya

In the image we can see a photo session of Serenay as a model and of course, Burak could not contain and answered with a “wow” who has made everyone jump and imagine that of Your Didem I am also.

Love is in the air between Burak and Serenay

Immediately the comments of the couple’s fans began to release messages of the type “confess, You fell in love of our girl”, “Love is in the air” or “Serenay and Burak, What couple so impressive. ”

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Will we be facing the new couple of Turkish fashion actors? Will we get us to forget the immpposible love between Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel?

Only time will say it.

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