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Burak Deniz could make the leap to the Korean Doramas

The world of K-Pop does not cease to surprise us but today we are going to tell you how the nCT group singer has an important crush with the Turkish actor of ‘Shahmaran’, Burak Deniz.

Everyone wants Burak Deniz. From fashion brands to prestigious designers They want the Turkish actor among their ranks . Burak Deniz is able to increase to success any series in which he participates since man is the moment.

In spite With greater experience.

Burak Deniz is about to start filming ‘Iki Yabanci’ next to Hande Erçel. A series that will put them together as the main couple that already smells to success before starting their filming.

Burak Deniz has reached South Korea

But what we are going to tell you today is a curiosity that only makes The Burak Deniz phenomenon since Winwin, one of the singers of the NCT group follows Burak Deniz and that just follows to 16 people.

Winwin who has almost 8 million followers follow Burak Deniz

Burak that is very educated, Also followed Winwin from his account.

Apparently Burak Deniz and Winwin met at the Valentino mansion during Paris Fashion Week since as Burak, Winwin is also an image of the brand.

We suspect that that was when Began Burak Deniz and Winwin their strange friendship that unites the best of Turkey with the best of South Korea. Can you imagine that Burak triumphs there and begins to shoot Korean Doramas ? Pure fantasy we hope to be able to tell you in Crush.News

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