The beautiful town of the series ‘Shahmaran’ has been one of the many affected by the Turkey earthquake. Look how it has been.

If we loved something from the series starring Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya, it was the typical and beautiful people where the story was developed: Adana

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Bob is the main city of southern Turkey , where the Epicenter of the earthquake has been located, therefore, it has been one of the places most affected by the movement of land, than He has achieved Destroy it in almost its entirety.

Located on the Seyhan River, is located 35 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea . In the province of Adana live a total of two and a half million Turkish citizens who have ended up affected to a greater or lesser extent by the earthquake.

Therefore, the Almost all of its most emblematic streets that we could see in the chapters of the series, Have been destroyed . From the University of Cukurova where the protagonist gave classes, to the squares where they enjoyed popular festivals. Everything has been destroyed.

Both Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya have commented on several interviews that Was a real Strong>Pain has to be double.

Of Andara now there is only the memory and the series ‘Shahmaran’ that is being a world number one in Netflix and that we invite you to see since it is a series different from what the Turkish Dizi have accustomed us and that will help you discover one of the most beautiful Turkish towns even if there is no longer there.

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