As you know, the male protagonist of ‘Iki Yabanci’ is pending judgment for insulting and assaulting Nilperi şahinkaya and his boyfriend, Emre Yusufi. Burak Deniz’s aggression to Nilperi was reported by different media and, while we waited for the incident resolution, the affected has spoken again about the unpleasant matter.

Nilperi y su novio.

A few months ago there was an aggression of Burak Deniz a Nilperi şahinkaya caused, apparently, by excess alcohol of the first. If we recently brought you the video that Had recorded the hotel security cameras and in their day we told you everything that is known about it, now we have been able to access new statements of the victim. >

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After Burak Deniz’s aggression to Nilperi, he has made new statements

To understand what happened on September 15 we have to know why Burak and Nilperi agreed. Well, he was rolling Shahmaran, the series he starred alongside Serenay Sarikaya. For his part, Nilperi was a jury of the Golden Boll International Film Festival. The awards ceremony was then held, and Was at the same hotel as Burak.

Burak, con sus compañeros de ‘Shahmaran’.

A few days ago, Nilperi was intercepted by the media. She went with her boyfriend to visit some relatives. When asked about how the trial is, he explained: “Nothing has changed a lot from our point of view. We have a statement and there are images that support it. could be seen, so there is no need to comment much. You know, this is a public demand, we have filed a complaint. Let’s not speak anymore. ”

This was the incident as reflected by Nilperi’s lawyer

Nilperi’s lawyer şahinkaya, Nail Gönenli, had spoken in a previous statement of Burak Deniz aggression, something that The manager of this denied.

Therefore, Gönenli was forced to public The hotel where Burak Deniz, whom he had never seen before, sat at the table several times seriously drunkenness.

Nilperi vivió momentos de alta tensión con Burak la fatídica noche.

While my client was with her boyfriend and other friends, she was exposed to insults cursing her and her boyfriend. When The atmosphere became tense, and after my client had to get up from the table, he [Deniz] continued with her curses. At the same time, my client’s close friend, Deniz Akıncı, who wanted to prevent the atmosphere from getting tense, wanted to intervene, and Burak Deniz stirred his fist to hit him. fortunately, he did not reach this person’s face.

We would like to inform the public that we will follow the process using all our legal rights, with all kinds of specific evidence, due to their Vulgar insults and physical attacks against my client and his friends by Burak Deniz ”.

Burak Deniz’s apology attempt that Nilperi is not believed

After what happened, Burak Deniz apologized by publishing a statement written in his social media account. Part of his apology on social networks was as follows:

“I would like to say that Sorry for again the incident that I experienced with Nilperi şahinkaya, his boyfriend Emre Yusufi and Deniz Akıncı in the hotel where we were due to the Adana Film Festival […] . On the morning of a rather unpleasant night in which I wanted to joke, I tried to contact them directly, both through my manager and me, To apologize immediately and in person, but I had no success.

I apologize to Nilperi şahinkaya and his friends, as well as with all those who witnessed the incident that night, for this unfortunate event in view of the public. ” After knowing this apology, Nilperi declared the media: “There are many reasons not to believe this apology, but I can’t explain them.” We will have to wait for the trial to know what everything is left.

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