Social networks are loaded by the devil. The protagonist of ‘more beautiful than you’ can attest. Burak çelik is single again after his already ex -girlfriend saw a photo on Instagram of the most revealing.

Foto de Burak Çeliz con chaqueta y camisa azul claro, pantalón blanco y gafas de sol
Oh sh*t, here we go again…

Ojito, which is coming to the very beautiful! Let’s see, let’s recapitulate. Do you know More beautiful than you, the divinity series? Well, we are already talking about its male protagonist, a beautiful one (who, by the way, at times we give an air to Onur Tuna, of Doctor Ali). It turns out that Burak çelik is single again after his girlfriend saw a Story of Instagram that he liked less than zero.

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Burak y Asli se conocieron en la serie que ahora se emite en Divinity.

They met in ‘more beautiful than you’

It turns out that Asli Turanli, that is the name of the actress who has left Burak, knew her now ex -rolling precisely More beautiful than you, where I give life Nazli. In fact, she at that time came out with a famous comedian from the country, Atta Demirer, so The relationship between her and çelik took to come to light.

Asli Turanli.

Finally decided to make it public and shared not a few publications on Instagram showing how happy they were together (and that both have already been in charge of erase). The same Instagram that has ended with his love.

Sus fotos enamoradísimos han sido ya eliminadas de las redes sociales de ambos

Burak çelik is single because of this photo

In the Image, an unknown woman is seen affectionately kissing Burak, that does not seem to be precisely uncomfortable:

Esta es la foto que ha terminado con la historia entre Asli y Burak.

But the worst has not been that, but the text that accompanies her: “Oh, asli, see and print this” and, below: “should we label Sister Asli?” >Somehow, they imply that Burak had had more than an innocent photo with the girl who kisses him. Now the final outcome remains to be known: will there be reconciliation or this, as it seems, has ended forever?

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