The owner of Tesla, Twitter, Spacex and to know how many more things, the man who puts rare names to his children, the former Johnny Depp’s former; That type in question has been the object (deserved) of the mockery of the actor of ‘Love is in the air’. This has been Kerem Bürsin’s trolley for Elon Musk that, of course, we will not forget.

Kerem Bürsin

That we worship Kerem Bürsin in this news portal is something that is clear clarinet, it is not necessary to abound in it. That Elon Musk seems to us a rare guy (there is nothing more to see how he called his last son) because you know it in case you did not know. With these two certainties it is easy to imagine that Kerem Bürsin’s recent trolley

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A little context

Let’s see, we tell you in case you are not very interested in Twitter, a social network that was acquired a few months ago by Elon Musk. It turns out that, before he landed, there were some Blue checks of verification of official accounts. These checks were in the profiles of famous people, such as actors and singers, but also official accounts, emergency services and a long etcetera.

Elon Musk
Qué ideas tengo, soy un ideotas, je, je, je.

Well, Elon, that port, decided that As of April 20 the accounts that would not pay for the blue check would stop showing it. That is, an account of, say, Civil Protection of Madrid, to give a real example, no longer has blue check because it does not pay subscription; However, if a Chalao decides to open an account called “Civil Protection of Madrid” and Pay the subscription to Twitter Blue, it will have its corresponding blue check (with the fearsome consequences that this can bring).

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Kerem Bürsin’s trolley for Elon Musk on Twitter

Well, there are many celebrities who have passed a million to pay the subscription to Twitter Blue and, therefore, now all they have to know that they are real is their number of followers. In the case of Kerem, about 900,000. But he doesn’t wear his check check. so he has decided to trolize the owner of the network with a joke in his name:

Captura de la portada del perfil de Twitter de Kerem Bürsin

“Mavi Tik”, what he puts after his name, means “blue check.” In this way, she makes the fans know that Elon has taken the symbol because he does not pay the subscription, but that it is her real account. Of course, he added a little guy at the end to imply that everything is a Gracieta. Kerem, we worship you. Elon, no.

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