One of the most charismatic couples on television has just been parents for the first time. We tell you everything.

We were counting the days and finally Jorge Marron, the collaborator of ‘El Hormiguero’ and Arancha Morales, the announcer of the morning news of Telecinco have been able to see the face of Their son Gael who was born last Wednesday as Pablo Motos reported in the program: “brown has been a dad today at one in the morning” to continue: “this new child ending If this world is going to give a lot

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Pablo Motos told ‘El Hormiguero’

On Wednesday’s program Pablo already warned that the arrival in the world of brown and Aracha’s son was imminent since the program’s science section had communicated it by phone at one in the afternoon telling him that Aracha was already dilating and Gael’s arrival was imminent.

Marron de 'El Hormiguero' y Arancha Morales de informativos ya son papás

Brown he told ‘El Hormiguero’ last Monday that he had already gone to the Hospital thinking that his partner had broken waters , which turned out to be a false alarm.

Brown told how A nervous attack entered upon learning that his girl was in childbirth that made him not stop moving As a headless chicken throughout the house while Arancha was so quiet.

Arancha Morales la novia de Marrón

Brown also said that Asked for a taxi to go to the hospital and in half an hour they returned to home with all the barges in tow since Arancha was not yet prepared to bring Gael to the world . A show of first -time parents!

Arancha Morales en la redacción de informativos de Telecinco

We were the first to show the love story between Aracha Morales and brown by ‘El Hormiguero’

And it was there in 2018 when Began this beautiful love story that they have not hidden from the first moment. Although They are very different , they complement each other perfectly and are Made for each other . You just have to look at the Complicity that distils these images.

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Marrón y Arancha Morales en las playas de Cádiz

And we love to see how This union has culminated in the arrival of a new member to the family because according to them, Are now a family of 5 since they consider their Two puppets Chunga and Cooper as two more of the family.

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