Are first -time parents but Marron and Arancha Morales have this infallible trick for their baby to sleep all night from the pull. Look at it.

Last Wednesday the collaborator of ‘El Hormiguero’ Jorge Marron and the presenter of the morning news of Telecinco Arancha Morales, were parents of his first child according to Pablo Motos during ‘El Hormiguero.

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Gael, which is how they have decided to call the little one, is according to the image they have used to present him in networks, His “little great revolution.”

And you are the presentation of Gael on Instagram, numerous friends among whom are Hugo Silva, Pilar Rubio, Roberto Leal or Marta Flitch , have decided to greet and congratulate Gael’s arrival.

How is Gael sleeping?

Well look, we are not going to deceive you, We have no idea although reviewing a Stoy that both have uploaded to IG, We have realized a detail that surely help. Look at the scene.

In the image you can see The cousins of Gael who have decided to go to meet him. In the photo you can see the baby totally ‘soup’ in its white crib, wrapped with a blanket and sleeping with a loose leg. It seems ecstatic, happy and warm and of course, those of us who already have children ask ourselves: how do they do it? How do Marron and Aracha get that Gael is not Crying and made a fury ?

Marron’s trick and Aracha to sleep his baby.

And as the phrase says: “Music tames beasts” and this is just what is happening to Gael. If you observe Gael’s photo well with his cousins, we can see that a strange artifact at the bottom of the room …

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It is a headdress. Yes, a pot that serves to play music through vinyl records and that seems to be vital for Gael to ‘snuque’ in his cradle and Sleep of the pull all night and part of the day .

Of course, we have no idea of the album that puts Gael to sleep, but we dare to say that it is not reggaeton or hard rock …

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