Britney Spears erases her Instagram account and fans call the police concerned with their mental health.

Britney Spears fans care about the Mental health of their favorite singer . This is why after discovering that Britney Spears Erased her Instagram account , they decided to warn the police fearing that something was not right.

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In seem the Ventura police station in Los Angeles Received numerous calls from fans distressed by Britney especially after the video published a couple of weeks ago in which the singer was seen having a Anxiety attack in a restaurant and was offered by the TMZ website.

During Britney’s attack at the restaurant, her husband Sam Asghary left the singer speaking meaningless words with the waiters, which worried fans who see how Brit’s mental health goes from evil To worse every day that passes.

Another of the things that have done nothing but aggravate the feeling of danger for the mental health of Britney Spears, it has been that in recent weeks the singer Changed the name of her Instagram account to ‘River Red ‘(Río Rojo) and added in the description: “I changed my name to’ River Red ‘. Do not dismiss the power of purity ”

These events happened in the last weeks, Have been the trigger so that the fearful fans for the mental health of Britney Spears have decided to call the police and thus ask them to pass through their home To see if everything was going well.

As reported, the police of the Ventura police station in Los Angeles after going to Brit’s house and talking to her, they found no reasons to fear for their health since Britney was in Optimal state According to the agents. We will continue to inform.

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