Look at Bosco’s jump, Pocholo’s nephew from the helicopter in ‘Survivors’ and all his Twitter memes.

Bosco, Pocholo’s nephew is being the revolution in this edition of ‘Survivors’. After his controversial leap by helicopter and the subsequent threat of sanction by the organization, Bosco has undoubtedly become one of the contestants preferred by the public who sees in him fresh and young blood with which to enjoy seeing the contest. /p>

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The controversy about Bosco’s helicopter jump arose when the organization asked the contestants to make an original leap and Pocholo’s nephew decided to mark a backflip before falling into the water. A jump that was qualified as reckless by the organization but loved viewers who did not hesitate to unleash his imagination in the form of a meme on Twitter.

Bosco’s memes, Pocholo’s nephew jumping by helicopter in ‘Survivors’

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