Blanca Paloma is the favorite of international criticism that sees in the artist a firm candidate to win the Eurovision Festival for the original of her proposal.

And while we see that the hashtag #spain0points is proliferating on Twitter, by the detractors of Blanca Paloma, the winner of the Benidorm Fest, the international criticism is positioned and of course, announces that Spain is year that Carries a different, powerful, original product and most likely we are winners.

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Something that in our country we still do not understand since although Blanca Paloma won in the votes of Benidorm Fest ahead of Agoney, Alice Wonder or Fusa Nocta, much of the audience believes that Is not a song ‘Festival’ and that we are going to be ultimately.

And of course, this position is not shared by the international criticism to which we literally put The tips of end with our proposal.

In all reaction videos to the song ‘Eaea’ by Blanca Paloma, you can see how Nobody is indifferent . “Punta hairs”, “Brutal”, “Different”, “This is the winner” are just some of the phrases dedicated to the interpretation of Blanca Paloma last Saturday at Benidorm Fest.

‘Eaea’ is on the way to number one on the Eurovision channel on YouTube

A very good position that at the moment only brings us Good omen closing the mouths of all those who believe that neither the artist nor the song are up to it.

But apparently, detractors are just a minor

From Crush.News we want Leave Spain again in a very good place as Chanel did last year.

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