We discover what the fans of Blanca Paloma are called, a very characteristic name and that does not go unnoticed.

Blanca Paloma attended this weekend at the 13th edition of the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam , one of the latest promotion events before Travel to Liverpool. Our festival representative surprised us again and she left fans speechless who were seeing her from there.

What are Fans from Blanca Paloma called?

The singer dazzled the European public in Amsterdam both on his arrival and in the incredible performance he starred. It was undoubtedly one of the most applauded actions in Eurovision in Concert , held in the Live Amsterdam AFAS on April 15.

The reception of the Eurofans to Blanca Paloma was so incredible that the official Eurovision account in Spain (@eurovisionntve ) did not hesitate for a moment in officially awarding a name that would dissipate them from the rest. “Pichones for the world”, she affirmed through Instagram stories. This refers to Blanca Paloma is everyone’s mother and the one who carries the singing voice along with fans who are like their most precious children, their pigeons.

Of course, the singer could not stay with crossed arms and renovated that Storie to her Official account , echoing that officially the fans of Blanca Paloma already have nickname.

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