Both singers, who are the favorites to win Eurovision, have become great friends. But both know that the other can snatch the throne … Maximum rivalry is coming!

This weekend has happened the Prepaty in Madrid who has gathered all the participants of Eurovision . Among them was our beloved representative Blanca Paloma and the winner of Eurovision 2012, Loreen, with his song Euphoria.

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The two great favorites of this edition have finally met. And it is that both artists have many things in common apart from being two empowered women who fight for the long -awaited Crystal microphone. of each one.

Before the expected reunion, Blanca Paloma has already idolized her for a long time. “I really want to meet her, but I know that she is one of her favorites,” declared the singer in an interview in Los40.

Friends and rivals

It was already known in advance that both had a great mutual admiration, but they have confirmed it in the expected preparing when they have met. Blanca Paloma has told her that her Tattoo >EAEA and that he felt deep vibrations in the body, the same as our representative when hearing the Swedish proposal.

Excited by the emotional encounter, both claimed to be very nervous before knowing each other. “You’re Amazing” (you are incredible), Loreen told him after giving a big hug.

And that’s not all. In their first meeting they have discovered that they share a very important link, since their respective grandmothers were the engine that encouraged them to devote themselves to the song: they discovered the talent of their granddaughters and inspired them to devote themselves to it. The Yayas de Loreen and Blanca Paloma are called, respectively, Ina and Carmen . “My grandmother told me that I had a gift and had to share it” Loreen counts. To which Blanca Paloma answers: “Well, like me! My grandmother taught me to sing and is responsible for being here. ”

We hope that the friendship between them will be perpetuated (but I wish Blanca Paloma, the truth).

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