A week ago we were surprised to see Cansu dere again in a reception center for the victims of the earthquake, but the bad news tarnish the reappearance of Cannsu Dere .

Actress Cansu Dere from ‘unfaithful’ had disappeared a few days before the earthquake on February 6 that swept the south of Turkey and part of Syria. Tentu Dere does not usually appear much on social networks and his Instagram account that follows more than 2.6 million Has been stopped for 6 weeks and from that moment no one has news about the whereabouts of the Turkish actress.

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One of the last news we have of her is that her house suffered a fire that was initially attributed to an accident with one of her cats that could have thrown a candle, but that later it was discovered that It was caused by a spark in a cable inside his house . And Cansu Dere was still missing until …

Cansu Dere appeared in a reception center

With a red cap and concentrated in the tasks of organizing materials, Cansu Dere seemed to be healthy and saved and Helping those affected more needy in their country.

After this news we all believed that Cansu would participate in the telemarathon to raise funds that was retransmitted simultaneously in several chains in the country, but Tired Dere or was not invited or They failed to find it because It did not appear there and that the majority of Turkish actors gave a hand raising the phone to raise funds and donations. Tentu Dere still did not appear.

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Cansu Dere was not the red cap girl

And today Zubek Erika on Twitter has warned us that the girl in the red cap to which all media recognized as Cansu Dere, Is actually another person.

And they leave their Instagram to check the identity of the red cap girl:

Indeed, she is not tired and how to rectify is wise, we will tell you that it is Another actress named Öykü Karayel , known for having played Cemre çayak in the Series ‘Kuzey Güney’ and Dilruba Sultan in the ‘Muhteem Yüzyıl Kösem’ series.

As you will see they are nailing but that is not a comfort because these bad news Tarnish the whereabouts of Cansu Dere who has not given signs of life for more than 6 weeks.

As soon as we know something more We will let you know.

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