The scriptwriters of ‘Ya çok Severs’ Hilan Fine very. Ateş, the name of Kerem Bürsin in the series, is not a random name. It is chosen very well. So much, that a lot of attributable features are deduced not only to the role of Bürsin, but to the actor himself.

Has it been a coincidence or is Ateş a thought and requested name for Kerem Bürsin in ‘Yçok Seversen’? Everything points to the second. You will understand it as soon as we tell you What hides behind.

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The hidden symbology behind Ateş, the name chosen for Kerem Bürsin

The first thing is the most palpable of everything: “Ateş” is not only a proper name, but it means “fire” in Turkish. And, if you remember the trailer of the series, which will mark the Relationship between him and Leyla, they talk about fire. To burn with fire, to turn on a fire:

And obviously do not refer to making a bonfire and sing ñoñas songs around. They talk about fire as Synonym for passion, obviously. The one that will undoubtedly consume them as the chapters pass.

But there is more. ATEş is named “Alaca”, which means “gross.” Wailing fire, friends. In case anyone had any doubt in which direction it points ‘Yçok Severs’. And yes, the role of Ateş is that of a link, a Playboy. .

What the symbology of this name says will surprise you even more

We have continued to investigate the meaning that the symbology of the names attributes to Ateş. Before we start, we will tell you that it is a very unusual name in that country, but with curious Connections with the character and with the actor who gives him life.

The qualities attributed to ATEş are those of the sense of leadership and ability to anticipate events. That is, it is a Born leader and a visionary. Hence the male character of ‘Ya çok Severs’ has so much success in the professional and personal.

The active number that corresponds to the name of Ateş is 8, which suggests the following qualities according to numerology: Ambitious, successful, realistic, powerful, authoritarian and brave. and do you know what number Kerem has according to numerology? Exactly, 8 too! All this would not be very important if it were not because in Turkey this type of interpretations and symbols are especially appreciated.

Primeros planos de Hafsanur Sancktutan y Kerem Bürsin con un fondo de galaxia y estrellas para ilustrar si hay compatibilidad amorosa entre ellos

So we already have an approximation to what Kerem Bürsin, Ateş, will be in the series. And that it looks so much to the actor does not look like a coincidence …

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