American actress Angelina Jolie has demonstrated her solidarity mood by helping those affected by the earthquake that has devastated Tuquía and Syria on February 6.

Angelina Jolie who has always demonstrated A special sensitivity with the problems in the Middle East did not want to pass the occasion and as if a more Turkish citizen was organized, A donation campaign has organized To try to alleviate the pain suffered by Turkey and Syria right now. Angelina Jolie joins Can Yaman organizing a campaign to collect funds very similar to that of the Turkish actor to help with rescue work. Angelina has shown her support for two organizations in Syria and Turkey.

Angelina Jolie joins Can Yaman for the Turkey earthquake

After the statement, the NGO promoted

Fact that it is not accidental and that Did not go unnoticed by anyone , demonstrating that the heart of Angelina Jolie Is with those affected by the natural disaster who has segated life of almost 30000 people, leaving hundreds of thousands of injured and incalculable material losses. It is clear that in these difficult times, it is when the human being demonstrates the solidarity nature of her and Angelina Jolie once again at the state.

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