The fight is served between Ana Obregón and Risto Mejide. We tell you what happened and why Ana Obregón attacks Risto.

Ana Obregón is uncomfortable against Risto Mejide. The reason? The hurtful comments that Laura Escanes’s ex -husband and presenter of ‘Everything is a lie’ during the retransmission of the end of the year in Telecinco, chatting that the Other chains did whatever they were for the audience.

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It turns out that what Risto said and that Ana Obregón was quite touched was the drop that filled the glass of the presenter’s patience.

Risto during the retransmission of the bells before the question of what do you ask at 2023? Answer: “Is there anything to announce? A pregnancy? The death of a loved one? That always gives audience ”

And of course, Ana Obregón felt alluded to by the recent Death of his son Álex Lequio and answered Risto on Instagram in this way so Direct and devastating.

Memes about Ana Obregón and Risto Mejide

And we promise that we have not seen a single comment defending the presenter. Do not believe that we are choosing them to post.

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