Bombazo! The Turkish media are smoke, but who must be thrown more is Hakan Sabanci, who tries to make the news viral. A former his has explained, point by point, all the data that corroborates that he has been putting the horns to Hande Erçel. We tell you who she is and we detail all her statements.

No hace nada de la presentación oficial de Hakan como novio de Hande y ya ha saltado el primer bombazo sobre sus infidelidades.

Points this name, because it will sound a lot these days: Aygün aydin. >Hakan Sabanci, is putting the horns for Hande Erçel. this, in headlines. Now we develop the story.

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Who is Aygün Aydin, the girl who says that Hande Erçel puts his horns

First of all, sit down, because you are going to freak out with the development of events. Aygün Aydin is an actress who, in essence, who was long ago with Hakan Sabanci (who, as you also know, is the typical Playboy , he likes or not his current girlfriend). Well, Aygün is reputed to be quite a bocachancla, which does not take away so that what he says is true.

Aygün Aydin, ya conocida en la redacción como La Terremoto de Estambul.

Hakan and Aygün were very little time, but That courtship does not stop bringing headaches. I had the quiet thing for a while until everything has exploded again last night.

Aygün, who apparently would have shared in conversations with Hakan, also reached Show the image of a man sleeping in his bed who did not see his face, but that he implied that it was Sabanci. With this first blow, Hande Erçel’s current boyfriend requested the suspension of Aygün’s account, something he has not achieved (although he has erased some of those publications).

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But Hakan’s ex does not stop and ensures that he is the father of his baby

Among other publications, Aygün uploaded to his Stories this photo of his baby:

“Guess what illegitimate daughter it is. You will realize how lucky you are when you turn 18, my princess ”, wrote Hakan’s ex implying that he has a daughter with him. Something that could perfectly have happened before the courtship between Hakan and Hande, okay. But this other news has also released:

“First you cheated me, it was great that you fooled me while I was on the set. Before going home and having a sip of coffee. I was thinking of my secret egotic pleasure in making Bazlama stupid. ” that is, he is implying that Hakan, who put the horns in the past, is putting them with her. “Bazlama” is the derogatory appellative with which Hande Erçel sometimes calls (a Bazlama is a kind of round bread; it is something like calling someone “face of bread”).

It seems, Hakan Sabanci would have initiated judicial actions, but She says she does not plan to stop, even if it is under false identities. The mess is served.

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