Comes out on April 28, but we have already heard it. Blanca Paloma’s new theme is in a chapel: we discover everything you need to know about him.

There are hardly days before traveling to Liverpool and Blanca Paloma is not stopped. So much so that he has announced on his social networks that the Next April 28 will release another song before leaving towards the final of Eurovision 2023 . Do you want to know everything about the new theme of Blanca Paloma?

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After all the work with her team versioning in each performance her Eaea, the Spanish representative has surprised us with the announcement of this New song before competing in the < Strong>67th Edition of Eurovision . The song that will come out this Friday bears the Nácar feathers, a theme that also presented in the Benidorm Fest , along with EAEA. This new song has sounded promptly in some concert, such as the one in the Berlin Café in Madrid.

Blanca Paloma wanted to share with his followers a small advance of his new song ‘Nácar feathers’ to what they have responded with thousands of positive comments such as < Strong>“But what is this madness!” or “Bravísima.”

The keys of ‘Nácar Feathers’, the new theme of Blanca Paloma

After seeing the singer’s performance in the Berlin Café interpreting her new theme it is important to highlight some keys that hide in the song. If we stop to think about the letter, we can feel that it is a Metaphor that represents love and beauty through the pearl feathers.

Impecable directo de Blanca Paloma en su concierto en Madrid

The song talks about The ability of love to transform and heal emotional wounds , and how they are able to bring a person to a state of happiness and fullness. Nácar feathers, in this sense, Represent the beauty and strength of true love , which can help overcome difficulties and obstacles in life.

Blanca Paloma wanted to emphasize the beauty of love with an unstoppable voice, Very similar in its tone to Eaea, a true key of its success. P>

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