Blanca Paloma and her dancers will wear some looks to die on the stage of Eurovision 2023. We tell you all the secrets of her preparation.

One of the most anticipated unknowns has finally been revealed. And no, it is not the Performance that will be done in the final, but the costumes. And it is that our beloved Blanca Paloma will wear no less than Archera in Eurovision 2023. The Spanish representative will maintain a very similar Look to the one presented in Benidorm Fest last February.

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Blanca Paloma nos desvela su look para Eurovisión: un espectacular corpiño  armadura para enamorar a Europa como toda una arquera

Its design is the work of the incredible Paola de Diego . The design project raises an evolution at the aesthetic and formal level in terms of textures, finishes and materials. “It is a potentic growth at the visual level from the costume and together with the rest of the artistic proposal” Strong>Affirms the designer. “We wanted to maintain the spirit of Benidorm Fest, since it is the proposal that has led Blanca Paloma so far” , says Raúl Amor, White Paloma stylist. You could say that it is the perfect union of professionals who speak the same language and that they have worked hand in hand so that the costumes look impact on the stage, according to the song.

Together with the main protagonist, the dancers have a costume very similar to that presented in Benidorm, although he has improved to favor comfort during the performance. “The dress has more fall, the rajas are larger so that everything flows much better”, confirms Paola de Diego.

All the details of Blanca Paloma’s look in Eurovision

The pants , high waist to the Bullfighter style, is white leather. This piece praises the strength of the body when walking and each expression of the movement. The skin of the pants, simulating that of a Snake , is an allusion to nature, the earthly; Pants scales symbolize change, renewal, force.

 Eurovisión 2023 | Vestuario Blanca Paloma

The most iconic piece of costumes is the Bodice in garnet color . The Benidorm Fest was made of a soft and soft material, while Liverpool’s is sculpted on a Mold, creating a ductile effect on a finish that creates the contrast of the impossible: “” It is a sculpture that has been made about your own body. This piece brings together strength, passion, muscle, hardness ”, affirms the designer.

Finally, An arm with an intertwined tape, prepared to throw the arrow that comes out of the chest and travel through the voice. Something very characteristic that has accompanied Blanca Paloma during all performances.

Is not able to define Blanca Paloma’s wardrobe in three words, so he has chosen to describe it as a Work of art : “The design is not only present here And fashion is also sculpture, architecture, dramaturgy ”, adds.

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