The whole planet is aware that Turkish actress can reappear but while, how many of these curiosities do you know? We assure you that not many.

We are with the soul in a vilo with the Turkish actress of ‘unfaithful’, Cansu Dere. For more than 6 weeks nobody knows her whereabouts and there are means that ensure that Cansu lost our lives during the earthquake on February 6 but we resist believing it. After weeks of waiting we thought to find Cansu Dere in a logistics center organizing food and essential objects. Cansu Dere had appeared and finally we could breathe relieved, but no …

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The woman who appeared in the reception center was the actress Öykü Karayel and as we told you yesterday, he confused us all with his great resemblance.

While we waited for you to tire of signs of life we have collected curiosities of the actress who surely did not know.

What sign of the zodiac is tired, how old is you tired?

Cansu was born on October 14, 1980 and therefore its zodiac sign is Libra.

curiosidades de la desaparecida Cansu Dere

What does the name of Cansu Dere mean?

Tired means ‘water that gives life’ in Turkish, a very popular name in its homeland.

Where is the origin of Cansu Dere?

Cansu is very jealous from his personal and family life and always likes to be away from the media. She knows that she is Greek and Bulgarian descent , because her parents are Turkish immigrants . In addition, he has a brother named Arda Dere .

How were the beginnings of Cansu Dere?

Cansu Dere was in third place in the beauty contest of the Kanal D Miss Turkey in the 2000s after what was professionally dedicated to the world of modeling participating in the fashionable parades of the most important fashion designers in Turkey, such as Hakan Yıldırım, Cengiz Brazor, ümit ünal, Evim Timur, Alz Kaprol or Bahar Korsan.

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Representing Turkey, Cansu Dere participated in several fashion parades in Paris between 2002 and 2003 performing shootings for the most influential photographers.

What level of studies do you have tired?

Graduated from the University of Istanbul, in the Department of Archeology so we can say that you are an archaeologist.

How did you get tired in the world of ‘dizis’ (soap operas)?

It was in 2006 when Cansu Dere began playing a role in the ‘Sila’ series. She also filmed the movie ‘Son Osman Yandim Ali’ with Kenan İmirzariolu.

Cansu Dere is the best paid Turkish actress

His extensive participation in Turkish soap operas made Cansu one of the best paid Turkish actresses in his homeland and one of the most recognized internationally.

How is the heart of Cansu Dere?

Had a courtship with actor CEM Yilmaz in 2006 that lasted until 2011 in which Cansu discovered that she was unfaithful to her best friend Ahu Yağtu, immediately breaking her ralation and suspending the wedding. She is at the moment she is single.

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