After the veto of characters and the new ethical code imposed by the Directive to Telecinco, the memes have rained. Look at them

After the latest news about the changes imposed by the new Telecinco directive, including 15 characters such as Rocío Carrasco, Antonio David Flores, Barbara Rey, Rocío Flores, Olga Moreno, Ortega Cano, Kiko Rivera , new norms of conduct among which are also included That presenters cannot talk about politics or Disappear from the set every time they want, nor that they can be attacked Among presenters of different programs, or record in the breaks to issue it later … come To these measures a collection of memes that criticize or praise these desperate measures to stop losing audience in front of Antena 3 month by month. With you …

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The memes about the new censorship in Telecinco

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