Sources suggest that the death of Cansu Dere would join the more than 11 thousand deaths according to official sources. We tell you everything.

One of the main Turkish actresses has very worried fans since for several days Nothing is known about it . Cansu is famous for soap operas as ‘Anne’ or ‘anne’ and she already worried us when she a few months ago did not come to Spain to collect the ‘Viña de Oro Awards’ with Melis Sezan alluding to a health problem. P>

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Muerte de Cansu Dere

But the alarms have jumped when From January 5 to 8 Cansu has not uploaded content to its Instagram account which has more than 2.5 million followers or to comment on the tragedy that is suffering your country.

Not a post, not a video in his Instagram stories requesting international help … nothing. Something similar to what happened with Can Yaman but that yesterday for the night she donated 12000 euros silenced the rumors of being back to the earthquake in Turkey of a stroke.

What do the Turkish media say about the death of Cansu Dere?

Turkish media Have no evidence that Cansu has been a victim of the earthquake who hit Kahramanmares and as such they are trying to calm the fans who fear the worst ‘Anne’ actress. The only thing the Turkish digital ones communicate is that Cansu is missing, not dead.

What do fans say about the supposed death of Cansu Dere?

In the case of fans, The thing changes since the news that Affirms that Cansu Dere has died because of the earthquake.

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Specifically the news that precipitated everything was this in Tiktok and that exploded many Cansu Dere fans:

As you can see in the Tiktok that we reproduce here, they say textually: “Turkish actress Cansu Dere was missing between the rubble and is found lifeless” , all A lie that he has outraged the followers of Cansu and that he has managed to make many other accounts replicate this ‘fake new’ that can only generate pain to family members.

Anyway, the fans and followers of Cansu Dere we remain Very attentive in case any news arose that placed the actress alive in Turkey. We will continue to inform.

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