While Demet Özdemir love smiles halfway into real life, in fiction he has caramel new romantic film. We know the plot, its protagonists and, above all, we have it. That the function begins!

atacan a Demet Özdemir
El amor le va mejor en la ficción que en la vida real…

We carry some Salaseo diitas with the Ex of Can Yaman (well, the prota of a dream bird, you already understand me) that we wanted to lose them. That if divorce, that if new boyfriend, that if this is not, that it is another, that if I return to my ex’s house, that if I suddenly say that we have not separated… in short, madness. And what about your professional life? Well … we have a romantic film starring her, by Demet Özdemir. What is he going, who is he, where he fell in love with me? Well, I’m going little by little, leave me, stress.

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‘Tactics in love 2’, the romantic film of Demet Özdemir that soon premieres Netflix

Did you see the first part of Tactics in love? Because it is one of those romantic comedies that has everything: it is fun there is a Sexual tension a lot of beast between Demet and the male prota, Sükrü Özyildiz, and you thunder you with the secondary

‘Tácticas en el amor 2’ es la continuación de la comedia romántica con la que Demet nos sedujo en Netflix. Y ojo a su compañero… Ay.

In fact, Tactics in love worked so well that The opportunity of a second part was left open. If the first one premiered in 2022 and succeeded, why wait?

What is ‘tactics in love 2’?

The first, if you do not remember, told the story of a publicist and a blogger that Use little tactics to see which of them falls in love before the other. but none believes in love, for What you spend all the time without knowing if they are falling in love or everything is a trick to win their respective bets with their groups of friends.

Well, although (attention, spoiler) there was a happy ending, we must imagine that the couple has broken and third parties sneak in. What will happen? We will know that well soon.

When it premieres?

Well … the film appears as completed, that is, not only has finished shooting, but also of mounting and producing. Therefore, the premiere has to be imminent. Our bet is that Before summer ends. we will be pending!

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