With ‘The betrayal’, Telecinco gets back to the fashion of the Turkish series. And this time he pretends that his bet triumphs in the main chain. Of course, it has all the ingredients for us to enjoy it. This is what you need to know before you see it.

Good for ‘betrayal’ and well for Telecinco! This series, which in his country finished seeing himself last January, arrives in Mediaset wrapped up for enormous success in Turkey. The story is based on ‘La Casa de la Reina’, a Korean drama. You already know that many of the Turkish series are inspired by others to make their own versions. How long does it last? How many chapters and seasons do you have? What do its protagonists sound to me? we tell you.

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Sera Kutlubey.

‘The betrayal’ begins to be broadcast in Telecinco

The truth is that the premiere of ‘The betrayal’ in Telecinco “very soon” was announced, so We calculate that we will have it right now (you can even have already done it when you read this article). Its original name is ‘Iylik’, which means ‘goodness’. But in Spain they have preferred to give this murky touch. Because the truth is that the plot is. Turbia, we mean.

İsmail Demirci.

‘The betrayal’ is divided into 2 seasons, one of 8 chapters and another of 19. each chapter lasts two horites. Enjoy total! What we do not know is whether Telecinco will bet on a weekly chapter or a daily one … Looks like it will be weekly, but as they are now changing the chain from top to bottom we do not dare to make predictions. >

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İsmail y Hatice Şendil, el matrimonio protagonista.

‘The betrayal’, a dark love triangle that is complicated

Neslihan (Hatice şndil) is married to Murat (i̇smail demirci). Apparently, he lives a placid life with him and his two children. But he will discover that Damla (Sera Kutlubey), a friend of his childhood, has been a Murat lover. who had invited to live with them, will change completely.

You can know about the series ‘A part of me’; a Sera, of ‘Family Secrets’. To i̇smail demirci, the actor who gives life to the third character of this Strange love triangle, you have seen it in ‘Yildiz, an indomitable love’.

Telecinco’s new attempt to bring Dizis to his grill

‘The betrayal’ Is the new Turkish series with which Telecinco returns this type of grill format. in fact, while other chains have triumphed with the series they have issued, something happens with The main mediaset chain that does not finish curdling this type of series. In fact, ‘Love is in the air’, nothing less, left his grill to go to Divinity, where he could finish broadcasting. Let’s see how this is given!

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