Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya have achieved the unimaginable with ‘Shahmaran’. We tell you.

Yesterday we told you how thanks to the New original Netflix series, ‘Shahmaran’ , actors Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya entered the top positions on the list of influential actors organized by the website IMDB. They left Can Yaman, Kerem Bürsin and in the case of Serenay Sarikaya, ventilated from a stroke to Demet Özdemir or Hande Erçel who saw how the fever ‘Shahmaran’ razed everything in his path.

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What is ‘Shahmaran’?

Shahmaran is a fantasy and terror s specific substitution . Once in the town of Adana, she is involved in the activities of a sect called ‘Los Amor’ that Sahsu believes that it could be related to a mythical prophecy.

Shahmaran Despite taking a few days on the platform, the Respect and admiration of thousands of followers has already won that they see a new genre of Turkish production Very different What are accustomed to the Classical

Will it have a second season ‘Shahmaran’?

It is difficult to know, but taking into account the Great success and the international reception that the series interpreted by Burak and Serenay has had everything points to the We will have second part .

With only 8 chapters which are in total 8 hours, the series has been involved globally in the Top10 of Netflix , which seems to be that it will be Decisive for chain managers to make the decision of Renew fiction that is probably not communicated until Within a month , a minimum period necessary to know the acceptance of the series .

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So you know, Until April we will not know if ‘Shahmaran’ is renewed but everything indicates that we will have second part yes or yes.

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