Sure, if you are stop with the Dizis, you will know that, but already of the verb and (yes, we know it, “now” is not a verb, it is a joke), Divinity puts in His new premiere marches, ‘Do: Looking for my daughter’. This will, which is endorsed by a tremendous success in your country, brings us to a new promise of Turkish television. Do you want to know Eelçin Zehra İrem better, the protagonist of ‘Hicran: Looking for my daughter’?

Is 21 years old, but in fiction she is already a mother. This is Elçin Zehra İrem or, rather, of Hicran, which gives name to S the series with which Divinity will occupy the Prime Time strip from Monday to Friday, And history cannot be more appealing.

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Synopsis of ‘Hicran’

Hicran is a young woman who lost her baby. But she has never been able to cry that death because she, in some way, knows that her daughter is alive somewhere. Throughout 20 chapters you can see how new clues that lead it to the truth is being found. But who is Elçin Zehra İrem, where does it come from, what has done so far? Are you in love with someone? We tell you everything about her.

Elçin Zehra İrem, a newcomer that promises to become a star

Elçin Zehra İrem was born in 2002 in Istanbul; That is, he is 21 years old … In the best case, because he may not yet fulfilled them. Is so new that there are no websites that reflect your age! This girl’s professional baggage is brief, but promises a lot.

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After secondary education, he chose to dedicate himself to acting, so it was formed through different courses. Was discovered by actor Ilker Inanoglu, which also has the Amors Film producer. And so everything started.

Con su chico, Özgür Mirlak.

Until then, I had experience in theater. In fact, The debut of Elçin Zehra İrem on television has been precisely ‘make: looking for my daughter’. The actress combines her work with the model.

His heart is occupied by Özgür Mirlak

Can you have a serious partner at age 20-21? Can. The actress goes out with Özgür Mirlak, a beautiful blonde with whom she sees the sea of caramel. By the way, Spend their lives traveling, a little to Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci …

Estuvieron en Florencia hace poco. Lo dicho, a lo Hande-Hakan.

When does ‘make’ with elçin zehra ̇rem?

At the close of this article, Divinity simply said that “very soon.” Apparently, Will be the series that replaces ‘La Tempestad’, with William Levy. This means that, taking into account that yesterday, chapter 118 of ‘La Tempestad’, the Thursday, June 1 was issued. Is there a desire or is there? Seeeeeh, there are.

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