Just three months ago that they began their relationship and, except surprise, it looks like Alexia Rivas and Mikel Lezama have broken. We tell you why and we also discovered you at which precise moment everything began.

Post de Instagram de Alexia Rivas en el que se la ve sentada junto al mar con un conjunto de lino rojo
“Si soy más feliz que una perdiz, pues se disfruta”. ¿No os suena al meme ese de la careta sonriente cubriendo una cara rabiosa?

We met Alexia for the unfortunate Merlosgate. . Her career as a journalist was truncated, but that allowed her to become a survivor contestant. He has currently focused his career to be fashionable influencer and Had met love again … until now. because we have the evidence that shows that Alexia Rivas and Mikel Lezama have broken.

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The cotton test that Alexia Rivas and Mikel Lezama have broken is on Instagram

Indeed. There everything began and there is over. Mikel Lezama is political; Specifically, Councilor of the Popular Party in San Sebastián. there for December, Alexia confirmed that both were a couple. Or rather they were beginning to meet. But A video uploaded to Tiktok a few weeks ago (and has not yet deleted) adds the following text: “When your boyfriend is more arrhythmic than you.” Boyfriend Yes. With all your lyrics:

Captura de un TikTok de Alexia Rivas bailando con Mikel Lejarza
En este post del pasado 11 de marzo hablaba abiertamente de Mikel como su novio.

But Since then has not mentioned it again. .

Captura de un feed de Instagram de Mikel Lezama
En diciembre, Alexia Rivas se animó a contactar con Mikel Lezama, como se puede ver en el post (por cierto, el último que publicó Mikel). El resto es historia.

On vacation in Gran Canaria with a friend

This Holy Week has been the final test. While Mikel has not commented absolutely anything like her vacation (her last post, in fact, is from the beginning of winter), she Has described almost every second of her stay in Gran Canaria together with ISMA, a Good friend and also journalist, like her. Of course, dropping (for those who want to understand it), as you have already seen, that she is a superfeliz.

captura de un story de Alexia Rivas en el que responde a una pregunta. con la zona de tumbonas del hotel de fondo
Alexia aprovechó la tanda de preguntas de sus stories para dejar claro que no hay nadie ocupando su corazón y, ya de paso, que su amigo es gay.
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