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Little by little the rumor that they are boyfriends, is taking shape after photos like these of Aitana and Yatra caught in the snow. Look at it.

It has been the magazine Semana that last Wednesday published the images that no longer left a doubt that the relationship between Aitana and Sebastián Yatra is something serious and can already be cataloged as a couple, bride and groom, tortolites and in love. /p>

Eye, that Hola magazine also bets that Aitana and Yatra are boyfriends , but of course, until confirmation has not arrived in the form of a photo, because nothing, we have had to follow them the trail In search of a gesture that confirmed our suspicions.

Although last week the attendees of the party BRESH! They could see them enjoying the night, caramelized and kissing as tortolites or as if from Jorge Pérez and Alba Carrillo it was, it has not been until Wednesday when Week has shown what we were all waiting for …

Aitana and Yatra caught in the snow, they are boyfriends and have skied together

And we say it because Hi has also shown photos of an intimate dinner on Wednesday in which apparently Both families would have met . Tell me if this is no longer a Novice level up

Hello also tells that you have seen Yatra entering and leaving the new house that has just been purchased and that this is seriously 100%.

But total confirmation came by this publication that Leaves no doubt that Aitana and Yatra share a life together. Come on, they are boyfriends and share plans, free time and a relationship.

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Have caught Aitana and Yatra together in Baqueira while they rested in the station cafeteria. Yatra took off the helmet and the neoprene mask, but Aitana aware that right now they are the most sought after photo, The helmet was not removed to drink some water . Of course, when they realized their presence, fans did not hesitate to ask for a selfie to what they enchanted Confirming what is already an open secret.

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