The body of the actress of ‘bitter land’, Emel Atici has appeared lifeless among the rubble of her house in Adana.

On February 6, An intensity earthquake 7.8 shook the entire south of Turkey and part of Syria leaving more than 34000 dead and thousands of injuries in its path. One of the fatal victims has been the 52 -year -old actress Emel Atici known for being part of the series ‘Land bitter’. His lifeless body was found next to that of his daughter in his family home In the city of Adara .

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A sad news that has been Confirmed by the official Turkish media and that certainly fills us with Sadness . The series’s own producer has published a statement in which you can read: “We are deeply sad For the loss of Emel Aici and her daughter, Püryan aici , valuable actress of our television series ‘Land bitter’, in the earthquake disaster in our country. We want to express our condolences to the family of Emel AICI and his daughter and all our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake ”

The dead bitter land attress during the earthquake of Turkey and her daughter, Lived in bomb Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya, ‘Shahmaran’ and that has been One of the most affected in the country when being close to the epicenter of the earthquake.

Turkey cries the death of the actress of ‘bitter land’ Emel atici

Both the classmates of the series and The Turkish society cannot believe that such a disaster has segated the life of a veteran actress who was an important part in the world Dizi (soap operas) Turkish.

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When the last episodes of ‘Bitter Earth’ are about to be broadcast by Antena 3 in Spain, the death of Emel Atici has been received as a sake for all the fans of the series that expect their end to reach last of the month on his screens and that will now be even more emotional due to the loss of one of his interpreters.

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